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North Wales' environmentally conscious I.T. recycling service

Our Services

We offer a fast, friendly and free collection of computers, laptops, servers and I.T. waste from the Anglesey, North and mid Wales areas and beyond. We collect from commercial and residential properties.

All items are assessed for reusability before either being refurbished or recycled responsibly at our fully licensed premises.

Data Destruction

We offer a range of confidential data erasure methods to suit your needs, whilst meeting the current UK standards, providing you with peace-of-mind that your data is in safe hands.


We always try to re-use and/or repair drives, reducing demands on the environment and discouraging unnecessary manufacturing of new devices.


Environmentally Conscious

Manufacture of new I.T. equipment can be a very carbon intensive process. Although having a brand new device can be aesthetically pleasing, it is costly to the environment. By refurbishing I.T. for re-use, Anglesey E-Waste are actively reducing the carbon footprint of the UK consumers in the I.T. sector.

Furthermore, dismantling the items we collect that are beyond economic repair enables us to recycle the individual fractions of the waste (i.e. metal, plastic, cable, circuitry etc.) removing the need for large, fossil fuel hungry processing machines.

These fractions are then sent to their dedicated recyclers, to enable the re-use of these fractions in a new product. 

WEEE and The Consumer

Anglesey E-Waste are fully certified by our local governing body, Natural Resources Wales, to collect, transport, sort, repair, reuse and recycle your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) responsibly at our authorised treatment facility (ATF). Whilst individual consumers have an ethical and moral responsibility to dispose of their WEEE at an ATF, businesses have a legal obligation to do so. We provide all compliance paperwork alongside our fast, friendly and free service, to take the stress out of WEEE disposal for you.

Collection or Delivery

Whilst we offer a free collection service for larger quantities, we understand that this may not always be possible for residential customers. Therefore, we have a network of local businesses who can accept smaller quantities of recycling to store for collection from us. Situated around the north Wales region and beyond, these sites are listed on our Drop Off Locations page. Please call ahead if you have a large volume to dispose of, or if the items you have aren't included in our list.