About Anglesey E-Waste


Reducing the volume of I.T. goods that you consume can have a huge positive impact on the environment, providing a cleaner, greener world for future generations.


By re-using technology that is no longer suitable for one individual's requirements but still perfectly suitable for another's, we are helping individuals to reduce their carbon footprint in a plethora of ways, from manufacture, through to packaging and distribution.


By repairing instead of replacing, technology can far outlive common expectations. This not only impacts positively in the consumer's pocket, but also aids the global environment.


Only when items are beyond economical repair are they destined for recycling. The harvesting of working components enables the economical repair of other technology, further removing more waste from landfill.

We have four core values, which are detailed above. These four values come into consideration with every item that is collected, to help minimise impact upon the environment, and maximise positive impacts on the local economy.

What is E-Waste?

E-Waste is defined as electronic waste; items that are no longer fit for purpose, broken, beyond economic repair or items which are simply redundant. Although E-Waste encompasses a large variety of electronic items, it is the computer and telecommunication devices that are referred to as E-Waste on this website, and as such, are the items we primarily collect for recycling assessment.

Our History

Anglesey E-Waste is a self funded young business, individually run by Matt, who founded the company at the start of 2017. At the time, he was studying for a PhD assessing human impacts upon the environment and water. It is his keen studies of the environment and how humans can drastically alter the natural balance of the local and global environment, that revealed to him the issue of an ever increasing quantity of E-Waste being produced globally. After learning about the fate of much of the first world's electronic waste, and how this can cause dire living conditions for the third world countries it is shipped to, Matt felt obliged to play his part in reducing the quantity of electronic waste that was exported from the UK. You can be assured that we recycle everything here in the UK, as locally as possible.

Matt completed his studies in early 2019 and is now dedicating all of his time to help increase the catchment that he can serve.

What Makes Anglesey E-Waste Different?

Anglesey E-Waste offer a transparent E-Waste recycling service with a difference. Each and every item we receive is assessed for its re-use, repair or re-purposing potential. It is only once these 3 criteria cannot be feasibly met, that the items are broken down to their component parts wherever possible, and recycled responsibly using the best available treatment, recycling and recovery techniques (BATRRT) wherever possible. We prioritise local small businesses to assist with repairs, who then prioritise offering these products to the local public at a fair price.

Furthermore, whilst other companies may focus only on refurbishing the valuable and high-end technology they receive, for maximum financial gain, Anglesey E-Waste recognise a need for the lower specification and less costly devices to cater for individuals who don't need the most modern machine, and/or have a lower budget.

Many large scale operations such as council recycling centres may simply crush their small electronic appliances to recover raw materials (plastics, metals, cables, circuit boards etc.), without any consideration for the functionality or re-use value of the items they have received. It would seem that little to no effort is applied to save the appliances that can be re-purposed. To us, this is only a very rudimentary form of recycling, and something that we do not condone in our business.

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