Recycling Apple Products

Like all other I.T. equipment, Apple branded goods such as Macbooks, Apple Macs, iPads, iPhones, iPods etc. can be recycled too. However, due to Apple's security settings, for the device to be repurposed, some additional steps are required to remove account information from the device to render it re-usable. Follow the steps below to remove account information from your Apple device prior to recycling it.

Resetting iPhones/iPads (Note, this deletes all pictures, music, texts, apps etc. from the phone, and these are only recoverable if you have created an up-to-date backup on your computer.


On your device, navigate to the following:

1) Go to settings

2) Go to general

3) Go to reset

4) Select 'Erase Content and All Settings)

5) Confirm erase iPhone twice

6) Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted. If you have forgotten your password, follow the 'I've forgotten my password' links.

If you can't access your device to unlock it, then you can remove it from your icloud account by doing the following:

1) Sign into your account at, although if you have forgotten your credentials, reset it at prior to logging in.

2) Find your device in the 'Find My iPhone' device list by selecting 'All Devices' and then selecting the device you want to unlock

3) Click 'Erase Device' (ensure that the correct device is selected)

4) Click 'Erase' to remove all data and settings

5) Enter your Apple ID when prompted

6) If you are prompted to enter a message or a phone number, do not select either option and simply continue by clicking next until the device is erased.

7) Once erased, click 'remove from account' under the listing in the device list, and confirm the removal to successfully unlock your device.

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