Data Destruction and Erasure

At Anglesey E-Waste, data security is paramount. Whether you require individual or a large selection of media erased, a variety of options are available to help you choose a data security solution to best suit your needs.

Free Erase

Hard drives are formatted and assessed for re-use potential, ideal for individuals or small businesses without sensitive data.

No certificate of data destruction is provided with this method. However, we guarantee to remove all data possible from your device.

Erase to UK Standard

Hard drives are securely erased to the UK Infosec Standard 5, recommended for most small to large businesses with sensitive data. All data is erased and for additional security the space that this data occupied is overwritten. Finally, the hard drive is re-used if healthy. Any unhealthy drives get sent to a specialist for repair and re-use.


A certificate of data destruction is provided once erasure is complete.

Physical Destruction

Whilst we don't encourage physical destruction of drives, we understand that data security is paramount to businesses, and as such, we can physically destroy hard drives and then recycle the raw materials where required.


A certificate of data destruction is provided once destruction is complete.

If you require on-site drive destruction, please contact us for a quote.

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