Public/Residential Collections

Items we can accept are detailed in the lists below. If your item does not appear on the list, please message with item details for consideration.

Computers, Laptops and Servers


~ Computer towers, PC or Apple

~ Laptops

~ Servers (blade, cabinet, PC style)

~ Computer parts (circuit boards, RAM etc.)

~ Vintage IT (computers, laptops, drives)

~ Laptop parts (circuit boards etc.)

~ Laptop chargers

~ Server cabinets and accessories

~ Server wiring



~ Record players and turntables

~ Pickup arms and stylus
~ Vintage speakers and speaker systems

~ Vintage radios (including HAM and CB)

~ Other vintage audio equipment 

~ Hi-Fi systems

~ Portable CD, cassette, minidisk players

~ MP3 players including iPods

~ Synthesisers and amplifiers 

Tablets and Telephones/Mobiles


~ Tablets, Kindles, iPads, etc.

~ Accessories of the above (chargers etc.)

~ Mobile phones, working or damaged

~ Office telephones and IP phones 

~ Telephone systems

~ Vintage telephones, mobile or landline

Wiring and Cables


~ Wiring and cables of all types, including:
     ~ Audio, power, co-axial and aerial

     ~ Braided, armoured and shielded

     ~ Telephone, network and CCTV

Digital Media and Storage


~ PC and console games and cartridges

~ DVDs and Blu-Ray

~ SD, MicroSD, Compact Flash cards etc.

~ Vinyl records, BetaMax and cassettes

Household Items


~ Metal cutlery and sets, utensils etc.
~ Metal ornaments, fixtures and fittings etc.

~ Metal electrical and plumbing fixtures
~ Packaging materials (bubblewrap etc.) 

~ Kitchen appliances (no fridges/freezers)

~ Postage stamps

~ Old/foreign currency


Networking and Internet

~ Routers, modems, switches

~ Range extenders and accessories

~ Network cable


Televisions and Accessories 

~ LED/LCD flat screen televisions 
~ Sky, Humax and other TV recorders

~ Blu-Ray/DVD/VHS players and recorders

~ Freeview/FreeSat boxes

~ Remote controls for the above


Photography and Cameras

~ Digital, SLR and D-SLR cameras 

~ Camcorders

~ Lenses, filters and other accessories

~ Professional video/film equipment

~ Vintage video/film equipment

~ Unused film and cassettes


Power Tools

~ Electricity or fuel powered power tools

~ 110V transformers and cables

~ Cement mixers and generators

~ Any non-liquid containing transformers


Consoles and Gaming Systems

~ Complete consoles, vintage or modern

~ Console accessories (controllers etc.)

~ Small arcade machines and components


Scrap Metal

~ Scrap steel (manageable sizes)

~ Aluminium (pots/pans, heatsinks etc.)

~ Stainless steel (e.g. sinks, equipment)

~ Brass (fixtures/fittings, plumbing etc.)

~ Lead (roofing, weights, pipes etc.)

~ Copper (piping, heatsinks, tanks etc.)

~ Vehicle Batteries (car/van/boat etc.)

Items we cannot accept: CRT TV/monitors and flat screens under 19", fridges/freezers, light bulbs, household batteries (A/AA/AAA/C/D etc.), excess plastic, desktop printers. Click here to find out where to recycle these items locally.

If you have a mixture of residential and business items, please check the list of items commonly collected from businesses here.