Tree Planting Promotion - New for 2020

Trees are the lungs of our planet, adsorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.


Whilst recycling/re-purposing your computer and I.T. equipment responsibly has a massive positive impact on the environment, planting a tree goes that one step further by helping to reduce your carbon footprint, and to turn waste into a useful resource to help combat future human influenced climatic change. 


Therefore, for each commercial customer (see below for terms and conditions) that chooses to recycle their computers, laptops and associated I.T. equipment through Anglesey E-Waste, we will donate on your behalf the costs involved to plant and maintain a tree in the UK, which will be protected for the duration of its natural life. We will then send a certificate of this donation and its results directly to you.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The approximate cost of one tree will be donated for, on your behalf, by Anglesey E-Waste, and a certificate will be posted to your company address upon successful donation.

  • Costs of planting a tree are advised estimates, with 80% of donation value being spent directly on trees, woods and wildlife.

  • Trees will be planted by the Woodland Trust at one of their protected sites.

  • Donations are made in bulk so please allow time for your certificate to arrive.

  • Promotion is only open to commercial/business customers that have not used our services before.

  • Repeat collections do not increase the number of trees planted.

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